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Adding a 5 point seat harness to our VR racing simulator for enhanced sensory immersion when braking

After some great feedback from numerous members of the Boston BMW CCA and the PCA Northeast Region, we've added a 5 point racing harness to our 3DOF VR Racing Motion Simulator for enhanced sensory feedback when braking and cornering.

The 5 point harness firmly secures the driver in the simulator seat so that all movement is felt and minor movements are enhanced. As you apply hard braking, the shoulder belts tighten and you feel the sensation of the g-force associated with deacceleration. This feedback is what your mind expects and this additional sensory input is critical to providing the driver with realistic feedback.

VR simulation is all about tricking your brain into believing that you are at the track, in the car and in the race. The addition of a tensioning seat harness brings the experience and immersion to a whole new level.

I spent Thanksgiving morning testing the new setup in iRacing with a Porsche 911 GT3 Cup at the Nurburgring - Nordschleife and as far as my mind is concerned, I was there.

Words cannot really describe the experience. It was so cool, that I had dreams about the experience for the next couple of nights after heading up to my place at Loon Mountain in New Hampshire for some early season skiing.

I couldn't wait to take a trip back to the Nurburgring for another crack at the Nordschleife.

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