May 20, 2020

In mid April of this year I participated in a PCA NER (Porsche Club Of America, New England Region) webinar on getting into sim racing in general and getting involved with PCA Sim Racing.

Here's the webinar description and the recorded webinar.

Our first webinar for PCA NER. We explore what it takes to get up and...

October 20, 2019

I asked fellow sim racer Ben Konick to stop by on Saturday morning, October 19th to talk about his experience in our VR Motion Labs 3DOF simulator.

The informal discussion touches on his experience with Sim Racing and my experience the night before with my first 1 hour race ever with the PCA sim racing series in...

October 4, 2019

After a few years of simulator driving practice, private races and racing against AI competitors it was time to jump in the iRacing Rookie Class and enter a race. Time to start progressing and advancing in the real sim world.

My first race was at Lime Rock Park in the Global MX-5 Cup car....

June 2, 2018

Want to become a faster race car driver?  Sim racing is the answer.

The debate should be over – sim racing works.  Professional drivers use it to get faster.  Professional teams use it to find new drivers. Even Pure sim racers have gone on to become successful racers. They even made a TV show about it!

The benefit...